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Bat box

These bat boxes are summer roosts & breeding sites for small bat species such as the pipistrelle.  The bats enter from the bottom.  Three boxes are placed on different sides of the tree so that the bats can choose the best environmental conditions. This picture is from when the boxes were new. If you look at them now you will see staining from bat excrement on the landing board at the bottom.  This shows that the boxes are used.

Bat Conservation Trust


We have also put up a box for a Noctule bat which we saw flying on the meadow. 

Noctule bats are one of the largest bat species in Europe, and they are known for their distinctively pointed ears. They are usually found in woodland areas, and they feed on insects such as moths and beetles. Providing a bat box can be a great way to encourage these fascinating creatures to roost in your area. Woodland Trust


This woodcrete nest has internal partitions for the bats to cling on to

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