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Broadacre is home to a small community of people and organisations, with some freehold and some tenanted properties.

The main house has an apartment that is rented out through Airbnb by Cecile. Look for Dorridge - Home with a view.

There is a "Wonder Woods" forest school for young children in the grounds run by Carly with it's own school room in the barn.

There is also a therapy centre in another of the barn rooms run by a different Carlie.

There is a fruit and vegetable section and greenhouse run by Charlye and Cecile which produces for Bentley Heath, and various other Country Markets.

The gardens are formally opened once a year for the National Garden Society; on the third Sunday of April 2pm to 6pm and also at many other times for local charities

Dorridge Cricket club is part of the estate and plays in the Birmingham League.


Re-roofing the main house Feb 2014

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