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Veteran oak

Oaks provide an astonishingly rich habitat that supports more life forms than any other native tree. Up to 280 species of insect alone live on an English oak and these in turn, supply many birds with a food source. The trees also play host to small mammals, such as the common dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius), and birds, such as the Barn owl (Tyto alba) which some years nests in the hollow spur about 10 feet above the ground on the left.  The Woodland Trust has a leaflet on the wildlife value of ancient oaks.

The Woodland Trust classifies 4 metre diameter oaks as "veteran" trees. This English Oak is the largest oak tree in Broadacre. We started measuring it in 2012 and it has been steadily inching (or centimetering!) its way to that 4m landmark.  For a few years, though, the growth  stalled. Finally, in 2021, the tree broke the barrier.

2012     381cm

2013     389cm

2014     396cm

2015     397cm

2016     397cm

2017     398cm

2018     397cm

2019     397cm

2020     398cm

2021     401cm

2022     405cm

2023     410cm

Woodland Trust

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