The Rockery




Rockeries are a lot of work.  John Woolman (seen here with his wife Edith & grandson John) built the first rockery. 


Some plants grow out of proportion and less vigorous plants get lost and in 1973 the rockery was re-planted.

My brother John re-landscaped the rockery and also the garden in front of the house in 1992

Now it is time for a bit of remedial work again, especially in the area of the overgrown "dwarf" conifers on the right hand side in front of the bank.  This bank used to be grassy, with daffodils & primroses in the spring.  Lately it has become a self-seeded thicket of laurel.  The latter have been cut down and we are in the process of terracing the bank and planting it with Kniphofia.  When that it done we will remove some of the overgrown conifers to let in light.

Needless to say, kniphofias are great for bees!


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