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Scrub and bramble

On the far side of the stream the terrain is predominantly a tangled profusion of bramble scrub and wildflowers.  There is a rich diversity of ecological niches and plenty of feeding and hiding places for animals and birds.

The bramble below is sterile. It carries on flowering long after the other brambles are heavy with fruit. This makes it a late favorite for the bees.

Above is a picture of a honey bee on alder. Alder catkins are not top of the list of bee favorites but when they need pollen to feed a new brood early in the season they will pay it a visit.

Meadowsweet above is almond scented and rich in nectar for the bees. 


Teasel below, provides nectar in the summer and seeds for the goldfinch in the winter.

The two pictures below show Water Mint and Spear Thistles. Both are good nectar flowers. The mints are especially popular with hoverflies.

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