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We were pleased to observe that a new clump of common spotted orchid flowered by the pond

CommonSpottedOrchidByPond (4).JPG

We were visited by otters last year. Here is the remains of one of their meals.

FishScalesPossFromOtter11Jan2021 (1).JPG

Not exactly new, but finally coming into its own is a winter flowering honeysuckle which was planted near the stream as a source of winter forage for bees.

Lonicera fragrantissima.jpg

There is a long, broad blackthorn (sloe) hedge which we have started to coppice in sections.  We are hoping to attract the brown hairstreak butterfly, which needs young growth for its caterpillars


The picture below is of the beautiful demoiselle.  This splendid damsel fly used to confined to the south of the country but is spreading northwards as the climate warms

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