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The Lockdown interrupted grass-cutting in front of the new houses, revealing a previously overlooked bee-orchid

BeeOrchidJune2020 (2).JPG

We have found that Purple Hairstreak is abundant in the oak trees in the spinney.  You see them flying high over the trees.


Having observed Noctule bats the previous year we put up a special roosting box for them high in an oak tree in the spinney

Video of Noctule Bats

NoctuleBatboxBroadacreJune2020 (1).JPG

A few years ago we planted some Snake's head fritillaries in the meadow.  This year we saw new self-seeded plants (white arrows in the picture)

Fritillary seedlingsApril.JPG

The picture below shows Devil's bit scabious flowering for the first time after pot-grown seedlings (inset) were planted out.

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